Sunday, 8 May 2016

Love You, Miss You. Mom..!!!

“Mom”, a word that gives you confidence that there is one person on earth who, no matter how far/near you are with her, will always be there to support you, guide you.
She is one person, who reads your face and without any questioning, provides you with the solution.
She is one person, who trusts you without any second thoughts, whether you are right or wrong.
She is one person, who hides all her pains with a beautiful smile on her face creating a positive vibe, Just for You.
She is one person, who ensures you get all the happiness in the world, no matter for that, she might have to go through all the pain. 

People say they understand me, but no one ever understood me like you did.
People see me happy, smiling but no one ever knew the sadness deep down my heart like you did.
People think they know me in and out, but only you knew my feelings, the pain I was going through.
You sacrificed your dreams, your life to make my dreams a reality.

Now that you are gone, I recollect the memories, the struggle you have been through without any expectations, any demands. I wish if I could have given at least 1% of that back to you, you would be sitting here next to me. You always said and believed, Whatever happens, it happens for a reason and always for something better. So always be positive and keep smiling.

I keep quoting this and will follow through my entire life..!!!

You were my soul, my friend,
Without you the life's purpose seems a dead end.
I will always cherish the memories we had,
All that happy moments and sad,
No one can ever break us apart,
Like a light in darkness, you will always remain in my heart..!!!

All your mother wants is your happiness and success. She never expects anything in return. Its you who have to shower the same level of love and affection like she does. And that's when you will see a sparkle in her eyes, glow on her face and broad smile with happy tears..!!! #PriceLess

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A Journey.. Sunset to Sunrise

What happens when two friends, on a Saturday afternoon, relaxing at one's place, without their wives around?
An impromptu journey begins.

Casually he asked me, "Chale Mumbai, Ghumke aate hai." I thought he was just joking but in no time we had hit the Pune-Mumbai expressway. Nothing planned - What will we do? When will we come back? More importantly, we were supposed to have our lunch at his place which was now forgotten. The whole exhilaration of a spontaneous trip was driving us crazy, in a positive way.

We entered Mumbai around 4pm and in no time we were part of the famous bustling traffic of Mumbai. Seeing the traffic, we moved off the road and took the SeaLink route to Bandra, which was one of our best decisions.

A direct connectivity from Worli to Bandra, this SeaLink is a masterpiece of creation and the first cable-stayed bridge on the open seas in India. The view from the SeaLink was mesmerizing and amazingly beautiful. There was not a single point where you don’t want to click pictures of the scenic beauty of the sea, sunset and the bridge. Cars cruised like in a race, however we enjoyed the sunset, going a bit slow with soothing music and clicking photos.
BE-AWARE: Stopping your car on the bridge and taking photos is banned.

Finally we reached the Bandra Station and picked up one of our friends. She was all excited and thrilled. We discussed and finally decided to start from the Mount Mary Church which was approx. 3kms away.

One of the iconic churches in Mumbai well lit, peaceful, calm and divine. The structural design of the church is one of the best incredible architectures. The pictorial representation of Jesus story inside the church was an insight, one should not miss. Quiet, serene atmosphere takes your mind and soul to a completely different place where its only you with all the positive thoughts, without any disturbance. An unforgettable celestial experience. Items created by wax (house, cars, money, etc) are sold outside which can be purchased and kept inside the church. It is said, what you keep it there you will soon have it. We prayed and left clicking the pictures of the church.

Bandstand (8pm)
Walkable distance was Bandstand. A fascinating and beautiful place to relax with your loved ones or friends or family. Sea-side view, sitting on the rocks and enjoying the cool breeze takes you away from all your worries. Over and above, listening the sound of waves hitting the rocks with the band playing guitar, singing in a group, just amazing. One of the most soothing, wonderful moments when you want to forget everything and just live the moment with a hot black coffee in your hand. We stayed there for an hour or two and our entire tiredness of the trip till now had taken a back seat. We were refreshed and headed to our next destination.

We reached linking road, just to check out as it was one of the famous places in Mumbai for shopping. We roamed around shop to shop looking at the shopkeepers who were luring public to shop. Not much we did there and continued to Juhu beach which was a 30mins drive.

Juhu Beach (11pm)
We reached Juhu beach around 11pm. It was a pleasant change, after a hectic drive in the traffic of Mumbai. The night was dark with stormy winds. The moon gave a stare through flimsy clouds and went back yet again. We could clearly hear the waves hitting the rough sand. It was a high tide night and probably because of that it was less crowded. We strolled for an hour or so, everyone so silent, enjoying the cool breeze and the quietness. Later we sat at one of the food joints, famous for Pav Bhaji, which was about to close, but he served us. Finally we left happily feeling charged to get some more out of Mumbai.

We then decided to visit Gateway of India, however it was already 2am and we were somewhat sure it would have been closed. Our guess was right so we entered Hotel Taj Mahal Palace's Shamiana, which was at a walking distance, to have a hot cup of coffee. We chit-chatted with our coffees for around an hour or two, discussing the craziness we were up to from one place to another, laughing, enjoying the soft music.

It was 4am and we were still thrilled to keep this trip going on. No stress/No Tiredness. We reached Marine Drive, an arc shaped promenade at the beach of Arabian Sea. We reached on time and could witness the famous - Queens Necklace created by the street lights giving the feel of the pearls. Cool Breeze, Sea Side, Queens Necklace, stunning view of South-West Mumbai was all awesomely stunning. It was about dawn and time for Sunrise. Joggers on the track, Chaiwalas around the boulevard near interesting, observing the people and commenting and laughing. Finally, sun rose beautifully from the opposite side coming up from the tall buildings of Mumbai, fascinating.

We left around 7am, back to Pune. One of the best night outs and the first Mumbai experience. Its truly stated for Mumbai as, 

The City that never sleeps..!!!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Friendship Forever..!!!

Friends like you are very few,
I can be myself when with you..!!!
No matter how sad I am,
The one who brings back my smile is only YOU..!!!

No matter how far we are,
Still connected at every hour..!!!
You have always been there,
Whether I am happy or sad..!!!

I don't want to loose you at any cost,
Life now without you seems completely lost..!!!
This relationship of ours no one can tear,
A unique bond something is what we share..!!!

I will always cherish the friendship with you,
Because, Friends like you are very few..!!! 

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Love at 'First Meet'

Love happens when you least expect it..!!!

He entered one of the cafes, Cafe LaTTea. It was a small L-shaped cafe. He reached out to the counter and ordered for a Mango Rose Iced Tea and some muffins. He thought it to be a weird choice, but he loved to try different things.
He moved his eyes across the cafe to see if there was any unoccupied table for him to settle down at, but were none. However he could not take his eyes off the corner table where a girl was sitting all alone. A murky beauty, with hair as black as a midnight sky, brown-eyes, pouting lips with a bright and breezy personality. A set of amazing, milky-white teeth glittered as she smiled while reading the book. He could not stop starring at her.
The waiter called a number when she moved her eyes from the book to the counter and caught him starring. He immediately moved his eyes, feeling embarrassed. She kept her book on the table and started walking towards the counter. She had a striking figure, wasp-waisted with smooth skin clearly evident from the dress she was wearing – a white Chudidaar with a multicoloured vibrant Kurta. She smiled at him, took her order and went back to the table. He had all bells ringing in his heart telling him that he had fallen in love with this ecstatic beauty.
He got his order and was looking for a table when he saw that girl waving her hand showing him to share the table. “Thanks”, he said with a smile. That was it for her. He had an athletic personality with a V-shaped resilient torso, broad shoulders and above all a smile, with a dimple on left. She was mesmerized and lost in the thoughts when he broke the silence, “Hello, I am Kabir. You are?” “Trisha”, she replied. Soon they both bid goodbye and left the cafe. A short but life changing moment had just passed.
“Is that what people call ‘Love at First Sight’.”
“She was a divine beauty”
“His smile and that dimple was so cute”
“That quirky smile and her deep brown eyes.”
“His burly masculine body and that manly voice.”
“I am in LOVE”, she thought, getting excited and her joy clearly visible from her sparkling eyes.
“I am in LOVE”, he thought, covering his face with a pillow hiding his excitement.

Love is never planned, it just happens even when you are at the farthest corner of the world..!!!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Success is all YOURs

Some or the other point in life, you would be all alone and left to yourself at a cross road. Listen to you heart and take a route.
If thats the right road, Success will be waiting for you. 

If thats the wrong road, you are surely going to explore an unknown territory leading to lot of experiences and finally meeting success..!!! 

Keep Walking..!!!