Sunday, 8 May 2016

Love You, Miss You. Mom..!!!

“Mom”, a word that gives you confidence that there is one person on earth who, no matter how far/near you are with her, will always be there to support you, guide you.
She is one person, who reads your face and without any questioning, provides you with the solution.
She is one person, who trusts you without any second thoughts, whether you are right or wrong.
She is one person, who hides all her pains with a beautiful smile on her face creating a positive vibe, Just for You.
She is one person, who ensures you get all the happiness in the world, no matter for that, she might have to go through all the pain. 

People say they understand me, but no one ever understood me like you did.
People see me happy, smiling but no one ever knew the sadness deep down my heart like you did.
People think they know me in and out, but only you knew my feelings, the pain I was going through.
You sacrificed your dreams, your life to make my dreams a reality.

Now that you are gone, I recollect the memories, the struggle you have been through without any expectations, any demands. I wish if I could have given at least 1% of that back to you, you would be sitting here next to me. You always said and believed, Whatever happens, it happens for a reason and always for something better. So always be positive and keep smiling.

I keep quoting this and will follow through my entire life..!!!

You were my soul, my friend,
Without you the life's purpose seems a dead end.
I will always cherish the memories we had,
All that happy moments and sad,
No one can ever break us apart,
Like a light in darkness, you will always remain in my heart..!!!

All your mother wants is your happiness and success. She never expects anything in return. Its you who have to shower the same level of love and affection like she does. And that's when you will see a sparkle in her eyes, glow on her face and broad smile with happy tears..!!! #PriceLess